The Prepay Works for Jason Somerville

 Jason Somerville

Jason Somerville

Players: 69/384
Blinds: 2,000/4,000 ante 500

A player in late position raised to 9,000 and Run It Up's own Jason Somerville moved all in from the big blind for 51,500. 

"Jason, this is gonna hurt so bad when you bust me," the player mused before calling, having Somervill covered. He held [AcQd] and he was up against Somerville's [8c8d].

The flop fell [AdQh7c], prompting Somerville to say, "well that is a good start." Somerville started to stack his chips to shove over to the other player.

Then the turn brought the [8h]. giving Somerville a set and the advantage in the hand. The river was the [Tc] and Somerville doubled up.

"The eight wouldn't have come if I didn't try to prepay my chips," Somerville explained with a smile.

Jason Somerville - 110,000