Ryan Jones Eliminated by New Big Stack Ivan Zarate

Players: 13/384
Blinds: 12,000/24,000 ante 4,000

Ryan Jones moved all in from under the gun for around 220,000. Mordechai Mordiano was in the hijack and reraised all in for around 675,000. Ivan Zarate was on the button and called all in for 551,000. All the sudden, we had a three-way all-in on our hands. Here is what everyone had:

Jones: [AcKh]
Zarate: [AsKs]
Mordiano: [Ah7h]

Mordiano called for the seven and got it when the flop fell [7d4d3s]. The turn brought the [6s], giving Zarate a flush draw.

It was now Zarate's turn to call for a card. "Spade! Spade!"

The river was the [Qs], giving Zarate his flush, a knockout, and a gigantic seven-figure pot shortly before the dinner break.

Ivan Zarate - 1,350,000
Mordechai Mordiano - 120,000
Ryan Jones - Eliminated in 14th place