Max Brown Eliminated by Eric Nelson

Max Brown eliminated in 11th place for $2,525

Max Brown eliminated in 11th place for $2,525

Players: 10/384
Blinds: 15,000/30,000/5,000

In the first hand back from the dinner break, Max Brown moved all in from under the gun for his remaining 250,000. Eric Nelson was in the cutoff and moved all in over top.

Nelson: [kdjd]
Brown: [ks9h]

Brown was dominated, but saw a flop of [9c8s4s] and had hope for a double up. The turn, however, was the [jh] and Nelson pulled back ahead with a bigger pair. The river was the [5h] and Brown hit the rail in 11th place, pocketing $2,525 for his deep run. 

Brown has had a great week here at Run it Up Reno after coming in first place in the Partner Event with his "twin" Ryan Leonis and now adding a deep run in the Main Event to his resume.