Kevin Gerhart Has a Doozie for Us

Kevin Gerhart prefaced this hand history by saying, "It was so crazy the guy next to me took a picture of it."

Here is what happened. Gerhart's opponent opened in middle position and Gerhart defended his big blind with [Js9s]. The flop came [AdJhTs] and Gerhart checked. His opponent bet around 3,500 and Gerhart called.

The turn was the [Ks]. Gerhart checked again, his opponent bet 10,000, and Gerhart called.

The river brought the [Qs], putting a straight on the board. Gerhart shoved all in, having the other player covered. The other player thought about it quite a while before calling with pocket sevens. He played the board, so Gerhart took the pot and knocked the player out with a winning flush.

Gerhart was up to 175,000 after the hand, but as of now, he is sitting on around 145,000.