How to Go From 12 Bigs to 220K in 30 Minutes By: Ryan Leonis

Players: 74/384
Blinds: 2,000/4,000 ante 500

Ryan Leonis started the day with 37,500, roughly 12 big blinds. Thanks to a couple of double ups, some knockouts and a rush of hands, he is now sitting on 220,000.

The latest pile of chips came from the elimination of Shane McGuire, who got it all-in preflop holding [KdTd] to Leonis' [KsKh]. The board ran out [AcQc4hQd5d] and Leonis busted another player and raked in another pot. Leonis has been making a ton of deep runs this week, finishing second in the knockout event and winning the partner tournament with his partner and doppleganger Max Brown.

Ryan Leonis - 220,000
Shane McGuire - Eliminated