Babe Prescott Eliminated by Chip Leader Steve Nevius

Players 51/384
Blinds: 2,500/5,000 ante 1,000

Chipleader Steve Nevius

Chipleader Steve Nevius

Babe Prescott moved all in from the cutoff for 101,000 and Steve Nevius called in the small blind. Prescott turned over [Ah9c] and Nevius had her dominated with [AcQs].

The board ran out [QcJc5hKd4s] and Nevius raked in yet another pot to move over 500,000 chips.

Nevius is the big stack in the field, but his table is absolutely packed with big stacks. Start of day chip leader Jerry Morrell is there and sitting on 417,000. Mordechai Mondiano is also sitting pretty with 380,000. And, even though he is well above average, William McGrady is in the middle of the pack at his table with 275,000.