"A Thousand More Than Tyson"

Boston Rob Mariano

Boston Rob Mariano

Players: 53/198
Blinds: 1,200/2,400 ante 400

Boston Rob Mariano has a goal for Day 1B. He want to end with a thousand more chips than his friend and fellow Survivor winner, Tyson Apostol, who bagged up 213,000 yesterday.

Mariano didn't even register until after dinner break, but he is making plenty of progress in the few levels he has been in the field. 

Recently, Mariano raised to 6,000 in middle position and the big blind defended. The two players checked the [TcTh4d] flop, then checked again when the turn brought the [Kc].

The river was the [Ac]. The big blind checked a third time, Mariano bet 10,000, and the big blind called. Mariano turned over [AhQh] for a pair of aces to take the pot.

After that hand, Mariano was up to 126,000, which is above average, but he'll need to do some work during the last 16 minutes of the day if he want to bag up 214,000.