Nathan Manuel Eliminated by Bill Watchman

Nathan Manuel

Nathan Manuel

Players: 110/178
Blinds: 400/800 ante 100

Nathan Manuel raised from middle position and Bill Watchman reraised to 4,000 from middle position. Manuel then moved all in for around 25,000. Watchman got an approximate count before calling.

"I have aces," Manuel announced as he turned over [AhAs]. Watchman turned over [KdKs] and lamented his misfortune, saying, "Guess it is my my turn."

The [Td9h4c] flop kept Manuel out front, but the [Kc] on the turn gave Watchman the big advantage. The river was the [6s] and Manuel was eliminated.

"I meant my turn to run into a big hand, not my turn to suck out," Waatchman clarified.

Bill Watchman - 88,000
Nathan Manuel - Eliminated