Khochayan Ain't Playin'

Players: 103/104
Blinds: 75/150/25

With 1,425 in the pot, on a board reading [ksjh4d], the player in the small blind led out for 500 and Leon Khochayan called. The player on the button immediately raised to 1,525. The small blind thought for a moment and folded his hand, but Khochayan snap-called. 

The turn was the [2s]. Khochayan quickly checked and the button bet 2,000. Khochayan wasted no time and jamming his stack of about 16,000 in the middle. The button had 11,000 behind and instantly asked, "Whatchya doing there, mister?"

A minute passed and he said, "I have a king. Do you have the old ace-queen of spades?" Khochayan didn't respond. The button then asked, "Will you show if I fold?" No response. Eventually, the button rapped the table and said, "Nice hand. I fold" and he released his cards. 

Khochayan looked at his opponent and said, "Just because you asked" and then showed [adac]. While he was raking in the pot we asked him his name and he opted to fork over his Peppermill players' card instead. "It's a very long name. This is why I've been a bachelor for many years!"

Leon Khochayan - 30,000