Jerry Morrell Busts Two in Back-to-Back Hands

Players: 40/181
Blinds: 1,500/3,000 ante 500

As the night winds down, many players are looking to either spin up a stack or bust so they have a chance to fire again tomorrow.

A big pot was brewing at one of the tables with about 40,000 in the middle. The small blind shoved for about 60,000 and the decision was on Jerry Morrell in the big blind. The board read [ah7s2s2h] and Morrell went into the tank. He thought for a couple of minutes and said "I have a seven and hearts." Eventually, he called. 

Morrell tabled [jh7h] while his opponent showed [ac6c]. The river was the [7c] and the entire table erupted. The small blind hit the rail and Morrell scooped the pot. 

In the next hand, Morrell had [ahkd] and got it all in before the flop with the button who held [astc]. The board ran out [qc3c3djh4s] and Morrell scooped another pot in one of the last hands of the night. 

Jerry Morrell - 299,500