Four-Way All in: Marty Gorenc Goes From Worst to Best

 Marty Gorenc cracks aces and queens!

Marty Gorenc cracks aces and queens!

Players: 120/135
Blinds: 150/300/50

A hand that looked like it was going to be tame turned into a four-way all in! 

The player under the gun raised to 1,300 and Angelo Kratsas called from middle position, as did Marty Gorenc on the button. Andrew Cha was in the small blind and moved all in for 13,200. The original raiser announced "Call" and then Kratsas decided to move all in. Gorenc didn't think for long before calling for his remaining 10,425 chips. 

Gorenc: [5d4s]
Cha: [asad]
Kratsas: [qdqc]
Opponent: [ahkc]

Cha had the best of it with aces, with Kratsas second-best holding queens. The under-the-gun player held ace-king and Gorenc had the worst of it with five-high. 

The flop came [6s6d5c], keeping Cha in the lead with two aces. The turn was the [8s] and Gorenc picked up some more outs to make a straight. The river was the [5h] and Gorenc said, "That'll do" as he filled up to scoop the main pot. Cha got the first side pot as he was left with 1,825 and Kratsas scooped the second side pot after being left with 17,500. The under-the-gun player still had 20,000 behind so there were no eliminations. 

As the dealer pushed the pot to Gorenc he asked, "That's all I get?"

Marty Gorenc - 42,400
Andrew Cha - 5,475
Kratsas - 35,000