Day Ends with 37 Players and Jerry Morrell on Top

 Jerry Morrell

Jerry Morrell

The first day of the Main Event is in the books and it ended with 181 entries, 37 survivors, and Jerry Morrell leading the pack with 299,500.

Play ended a little earlier than expected when the field got down to 37 players with 24 minutes left in Level 14. So, Day 1B players, plan accordingly, since you will be playing the same amount of time tomorrow.

Leading the pack is Morrell, who surged at the end of the day to finish on top thanks to a couple of bustouts. 

Tyson Apostol tried to add to his list of eliminated players late in the day too after surging up over 400,000, but he said he ran top pair into a set twice to finish the evening with 213,500.

Jason Somerville fared worse than that, busting in Level 13, re-entering, and finishing with 30,000, just 5,000 more than starting stack. Should he choose to, Somerville and any other Day 1A survivor can play Day 1B on Saturday and surrender their smaller stack before advancing to Day 2.

We are just a handful of entries away from the $100K guarantee, so it is more a matter of how much we beat it by, not if we beat it. Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow for more updates of all the action and the field size during Day 1B, which begins at noon.

We will have a complete list of the Day 1A survivors (and Survivors, in Tyson's case) shortly. Until then, here is a look at the stacks over 200,000:

Jerry Morrell - 299,500
William McGrady - 282,000
James Viviano - 250,000
Morty Modiano - 249,000
Harry Corvese - 235,500
Jed Hoffman - 230,000
Keith Finkelstein - 215,000
Tyson Apostol - 213,500