David Lander Doubles Thru Marty Gorenc

Players: 56/178
Blinds: 1,000/2,000 ante 300

Marty Gorenc raised to 4,500 in the cutoff and David Lander reraised to 12,300 on the button. Gorenc called and the two saw a flop of [Ts7c7d]. Gorenc checked, Lander bet 13,000, and Gorenc quickly check-raised all in, haaving Lander's 41,000-chip stack just covered.

Lander instantly called and tabled [KcKh] for kings and sevens. Gorenc held [Kd9d].

Gorenc's hand got better with the [4d] on the turn giving him a diamond draw. Lander groaned at the thought of a possible flush, but he faded it with the [5s] on the river to take the pot and double up.

David Lander - 112,000
Marty Gorenc - 6,000