Chris Lindquist Doubles Thru Daniel Deveau

Chris Lindquist raised to 5,500 from middle position, Daniel Deveau called in the hijack, and the player on the button moved all in for 22,400 total. Lindquist called and Deveau thought a bit before raising to around 60,000.

Lindquist thought a few seconds then said, "Well, I guess I have to go with it." He moved all in for 48,100 total and Deveau called. Here is what everyone had:

Deveau: [Acqc]
Lindquist: [KsTs]
Cutoff: [6s6h]

Lindquist managed to flop a pair and river two, as the board ran out [Kh4c3h2hTc]. The cutoff was eliminated and Lindquist doubled to over six figures.