Boston Rob is Chasing Tyson Apostol!

Boston Rob Mariano is running up a stack!

Boston Rob Mariano is running up a stack!

Players: 75/191
Blinds: 800/1,600/200

As we mentioned before, Boston Rob Mariano entered the tournament late and had already doubled his stack up. We walked over to see him raking in another pot on a board reading [jc3h2s9xtx] with [khqh], rivering the nut straight against his opponent. 

Upon asking him what his opponent had he said, "What's the difference?"

Tyson Apostol bagged a big stack on Day 1A and walked over to his table. Mariano said, "I've got walking chips now. Wanna go for a walk?" He got up and walked around. He then said, "I'm gonna catch up to him (Apostol)!"

Mariano is now up to about 130,000 in chips.