Boston Rob Enters, Shoves, Shoves, and Doubles

 Boston Rob Mariano

Boston Rob Mariano

Players: 82/190
Blinds: 600/1,200 ante 200

The latest addition to the field is Survivor alum Boston Rob Mariano. He sat down, shoves all in the first hand, then shoved all in the second hand after an early position limper.

The early position limper looked Mariano's 29,200-chip shove with [KsQh]. Mariano was racing with [8c8s].

The [Kc8d5h] flop gave Mariano a big lead with middle set. He stayed out front on the [9d] turn and [7s] river.

"I feel like I just did eight hours of work in two hands," Mariano commented. 

He is already up to 62,000 and hopped in the field at just the right time. With 371 total entries, we have officially doubled the guaranteed prize pool, which now sits at $200,340!