AJ Cummings Gets Value...Twice!

Players: 109/115
Blinds: 100/200/25

A three-way pot was in progress over at AJ Cummings' table in the middle of the room. The player in the big blind checked, and the hijack bet 1,100. Cummings was on the button and called, as did the big blind. 

At this point, there was 1,975 in the pot already and the board read [jcth9s6c]. The [kd] hit the river, and both players checked to Cummings on the button. He wasted no time and reached into his stack for some chips, firing out a bet of 1,600. Both of his opponents called and he tabled [qd9h] for a straight to the king, prompting both players in the hand to muck their cards. 

Cummings has now chipped up to 30,000 after that hand.