6-Max 5-Card PLO Prizepool Info

Registration is closed in the $125 6-Max 5-Card PLO. The field came in at 81 entries, of which 31 are left. The top 11 of those will get paid, with the winner taking home $2,240 and the trophy. Here is a look at the complete payouts:

Run it Up Reno $125 6-Max 5-Card PLO
Registration Closed

Total Entries: 81
Players Remaining: 31
Total Prizepool: $8,100
Places Paid: 11

1st place: $2,240
2nd place: $1,600
3rd place: $1,175
4th place: $825
5th place: $575
6th place: $385
7th-8th place: $305
9th-10th place: $245
11th place: $200