Welcome to Six-Figure Territory, Jon Wallace

Players: 124/158
Blinds: 200/400 ante 75

Eugene Zelensky got his last 4,000 chips in preflop from the small blind. The player in the big blind called, as did Jon Wallace on the button.

The two players in the side pot checked the [Ad9h4s] flop, then the turn brought the [8d]. The big blind check, Wallace bet 4,500, and his opponent check-raised to around 10,000. Wallace moved all in and his opponent quickly called.

It was a set over set situation, with Wallace holding [AhAs] to the big blind's [8c8s]. Zelensky, meanwhile, was drawing dead with [KcQd].

The river brought the [6s] and Wallace scooped the main and side spot, eliminating two players and jumping up the counts into six-figure territory.

Jon Wallace - 102,000
Eugene Zelensky - Eliminated