Vanessa Kade Eliminated by Michael Faulkner

Vanessa Kade

Vanessa Kade

Players: 125/140
Blinds: 100/200 ante 25

Make that two eliminations and 85,000 chips for Michael Faulkner.

A player raised from under the gun, Vanessa Kade called in middle position, and Faulkner called in the cutoff. The flop fell [6d4c3h] and the initial raiser checked. Kade bet 1,000, Faulkner called, and the initial raiser folded.

The turn was the [kc]. Kade bet 2,000 and Faulkner raised to 7,000. Kade called.

The river brought the [9h] and Kade bet 5,000. Faulkner eyeballed the rest of Kade's remaining 8,000 or so. Faulkner moved all in and Kade quickly called.

Faulkner showed [6h6s] for a set of sixes and Kade mucked her hand. Faulkner took down the last hand of the level and is cruising with quite a stack headed into the first break of the day.