Tyson Apostol Keeps Balling, Keeps Lyving, Has Chip Lead


The flop was [TdTc9c] and Kevin Hess bet 14,000 into the pot of 25,300 from the small blind. Tyson Apostol was in the cutoff and announced he was all-in, having Hess' stack covered.

Hess had around 40,000 behind and thought for a while before calling with [JhJs]. Apostol had the best of it with [QcTs] for trip tens.

The turn brought the [Kc] and the river the [4c] and Apostol improved to a flush to eliminate Hess and take the pot.

"That's alright," Apostol said. "I didn't want three tens anyways."

Someone at the table yelled over to Jason Somerville, "Why did you invite this guy?"

Somerville yelled back, "Is he slowrolling again?"

"No, he's just steamrolling over the table."

Apostol appears to once again be the chipleader with around 185,000.