Thrilla: Tyson #ballerlyfe Apostol Eliminated in 4th Place

Tyson Apostol living the #ballerlyfe

Tyson Apostol living the #ballerlyfe

$1,100 Thursday Thrilla Bounty
Level 19: 4,000/12,000/24,000
Entries: 90
Players Remaining: 3

Scott Waugaman limped in from under the gun and Steve Nevius shoved all in behind him for 291,000. Jason Somerville folded the small blind, then Tyson Apostol reraised all in from the big blind. Waugaman folded and Nevius called.

Nevius turned over [AsKh] and Apostol trailed with [Ks9s]. The [AhJh9dKd2c] board was not help to Apostol, who had Nevius just barely covered. After the hand, he had 22,000 chips left.

The very next hand, Nevius moved all in from under the gun, Somerville folded the button, and Apostol called all in from the small blind. Waugaman made it a three-way affair, calling all-in from the big blind for more than Aposotl, but less than Nevius. Here is what everyone had:

Apostol: [KdQh]
Waugaman: [AsQs]
Nevius: [tcth]

The [Qd6h5c] flop paired up both Waugaman and Apostol, but Waugaman's kicker held on the [3c] turn and [7h] river to give him the main and side pots as well as the knockout.

"Let's everyone give a big round of applause for Tyson," Somerville announced. The rail and table began to clap and Apostol responded appropriately:

"Wow, thanks guys. Now you make me feel even worse than I already do."

It was obviously a tongue-in-cheek answer for the Survivor alum, who just posted his career-high cash worth $4,250. Plus, he picked up five bounties, so his payday really came in at $6,750.

One might say Apostol is living the "hashtagalllowercaseballerlyfeandthereisayinlyfe" AKA #ballerlyfe. He might even tell you that. He certainly announced it to us a couple of times today and even did us the solid of explaining the spelling unprompted.