Swift-ly In the Money in the Thrilla

Deb Swift

Deb Swift

$1,100 Thursday Thrilla Bounty
Level 15: 3,000/6,000/1,000
Entries: 90
Players Remaining: 11

The bubble has burst in the Thrilla, and Brent Harrington was the first to go with 13 players remaining. He moved all in from middle position for his remaining 30,000 and was called by Jason Somerville in the big blind. 

Somerville: [ts8d]
Harrington: [ksjh]

The flop came [9s6h5h], keeping Harrington in the lead with king-high, but giving Somerville some more outs, picking up a straight draw. The turn was the [4s], but the river was the [th] and Somerville made a pair of ten so bust Harrington in 13th place. 

Brent Harrington

Brent Harrington

On the bubble, just a few hands later, Deb Swift was all in on the button for 31,000, jamming all in over Steve Nedius' open under the gun. Nedius wasted no time in calling, revealing a classic race. 

Nedius: [acqc]
Swift: [jdjc]

The flop came [qd4d2d] and Nedius took the lead with a pair of queens, but Swift still had hope if a jack or a diamond came. The turn was the [kc] and the river was the [4c], sending Swift home on the bubble. She left with two bounties and a smile, nonetheless.

All remaining players are now in the money, guaranteed a minimum payout of $1,500. First place is $12,100, plus a $600 Main Event seat for the last RIU Warrior standing wearing gear.

Here's a look at the payouts again:

1st place: $12,100
2nd place: $8,225
3rd place: $5,500
4th place: $4,250
5th place: $3,375
6th place: $2,775
7th place: $2,300
8th place: $1,975
9th-11th place: $1,500