Some Love for Papa Spurlin

Jordan Spurlin

Jordan Spurlin

Players: 98/170
Blinds: 400/800 ante 100

Action folded to Jordan Spurlin in late position and he decided to move all in for 13,300. The player in the cutoff also moved all in for 16,000. Before he turned his hand over, Spurlin said, "My Dad was asking if there were any stories about me. I told him just the one about me losing (in the Thrilla)" he laughed. 

Spurlin tabled [7s7c] while his opponent showed [5d5h]. 

The board ran out [as6d4dkdkh] and Spurlin doubled through. The small blind actually said he folded two red sevens, so Spurlin got the most out of his hand! 

This one's for you, Papa Spurlin!