Nevius Doubles Through Somerville and Soars Over a Million

Steve Nevius

Steve Nevius

$1,100 Thursday Thrilla Bounty
Level 21: 12,000/24,000/4,000
Entries: 90
Players Remaining: 3

On a board reading [4d3d2d], with about 90,000 in the pot already, Jason Somerville and Steve Nevius got all of their chips in the middle, with Nedius being the player at risk. 

Nevius tabled [jd8d] for a jack-high flush, while Somerville showed [td7d] for a ten-high flush. 

The turn was the [ah], and the river was the [9h], giving Nevius a full double. 

Steve Nevius - 1,022,000
Scott Waugaman - 400,000
Jason Somerville - 375,000