Meet the Last Warriors Standing

Albert Ng

Albert Ng

Over the course of the week, players in the prelim events have been racking up free seats into the Main event by showing up in their Run It Up Gear and taking part in the Last Warrior Standing last longer challenge each tournament.

The Warriors certainly lasted a long time too. In every event, save for one, the winner of the tournament was also the winner of the last longer. The lone exception was Vanessa Kade, who won the Knockout event sans gear, so the prize went to runner-up and Team Chewy member Albert Ng.

You can read about all of our tournament and last longer winners (and check out lovely pictures of them in their RIU stuff). We will also be keeping tabs on them and the rest of the Main Event field throughout the tournament.

These are our eight LWS winners:

Eric Nelson - Kickoff
Jeff Chapman - 6-Max PLO
Jason Daniele - All-in or Fold
Albert Ng - Knockout Bounty
Deborah Vanneste - Triple Stud
Jesse Capps - 6-Max 8-Game
Max Zelinsky - Win the Button
Ryan Leonis and Max Brown - Partner Event
Steve Nevius - Thursday Thrilla