Jeff Casey Doubles Thru Deborah Vanneste

Players: 79/171
Blinds: 500/1,000 ante 200

Daniel Deveau raised to 2,000 in middle position, Deborah "QueenBee102" Vanneste called on the button, Bill Casey called in the small blind, and the big blind called as well.

 Bill Casey

Bill Casey

The flop came [Jc7h4s] and Casey checked to the big blind, who bet 3,500. Deveau folded, Vanneste called, and Casey check-raised all in for 55,300 total. The big blind folded and action moved back to Vanneste. She thought about her decision long enough to prompt Casey to call the clock on her.

Vanneste used about half of her time before calling with [KcJs] for top pair. Casey showed [4c7s] for bottom two pair. The turn brought the [Qs] and the river the [9d] and Casey scored a huge double up.

Bill Casey - 125,000
Deborah Vanneste - 25,000