Does Vincent Newland Have Queens?

Players: 126/153
Blinds: 150/300 ante 50

Vincent Newland

Vincent Newland

A player raised under the gun to 800 and Vincent Newland reraised to 2,500 from middle position. The other player called and they went heads-up to a flop of [Qh4d2h]. The under-the-gun player checked and Newland bets 2,500. His opponent thought long enough to get the clock called on him, then check-raised, making it 6,500 to play. 

Newland thought for a while himself before calling. The turn was the [2s]. The other player bet 7,500, leaving around 23,000 behind. Newland thought for a while again before moving all in for around 27,000. 

Newland's opponent gave it over a minute of thought. During that time, tablemate Anthony Nguyen approached us to get his prediction on record.

Nguyen thought the under-the-gun player was trapping with pocket aces, but that Newland outflopped him with pocket queens.

We'll never know though, as the other player folded and Newland took down the pot.

Vincent Newland - 57,500