Defending Champion Gets Bounced by Bob

Bob Garrity

Bob Garrity

Players: 70/178
Blinds: 600/1,200 ante 200

A big pot was brewing near the front of the Capri Ballroom and defending Run it Up Main Event Champion, Blake Vincent, was all in from early position.

The board read [jdjh5h8h], and it appeared that Boston Rob Mariano, under the gun, was faced with a check-raise all in for 45,700 from Bob Garrity in the small blind. Mariano had a 6,500 bet in front of him already, and was barely covered by Garrity. 

After a couple of minutes, Mariano announced, "Fold."

Garrity tabled [5s5d] for fives full of jacks. Vincent tabled [th9h] and said, "Give me a queen or seven of hearts!" Unfortunately for him, the river was the [6d] and he was eliminated, sending the pot to Garrity.

Bob Garrity - 67,000
Rob Mariano - 38,000
Blake Vincent - Eliminated