Andy Camou Doubles Thru Rick Fuller

Players: 126/145
Blinds: 150/300 ante 50

Three players saw a flop of [JcTs8d]. Andy Camou checked in middle position, Rick Fuller checked, and the player on the button bet 1,600. Camou then check-raised all in for 6,550.

Fuller was next to act and he raised. The player on the button thought for a bit, telling the table, "I was going to call Andy." He eventually folded.

Fuller turned over [5c8c] for a pair and a flush draw. Camou was out front with [AcAd]. 

The turn brought the [Js] and the river the [4d] and Camou took the pot to double up.

Andy Camou - 17,000
Rick Fuller - 29,500