Tyson Apostol Listens to Jason Somerville, Then Promptly Ignores His Advice

(left to right) Tyson Apostol, Brent Harrington, and Jason Somerville

(left to right) Tyson Apostol, Brent Harrington, and Jason Somerville

The field size is up to 88 entries and we are down to 34 players. As the latest table broke, RIU's fearless leader Jason Somerville ended up at the same table with the current chipleader, his friend from Survivor, Tyson Apostol. Somerville actually gave Apostol poker lessons in the past.

Somerville asked Apostol how he came upon his 180,000 chips. Tablemate Patty Landis was quick to inform Somerville that Apostol was incapable of missing a flop.

Apostol elaborated on the explanation. "Well Jason, I've been thinking about everything you've taught me...then I just follow my gut instead."

The table laughed and moved on to the next hand. With the blinds at 600/1,200 ante 200, Somervill raised to 2,700 from under the gun, Apostol called in the small blind, and Brent Harrington called in the big blind.

The flop cam [KsKdJh] and Apostol bet 4,000. Harrington folded and action moved over to Somerville.

"This is how you say hello? Just bet 4,000?"

Somerville folded and Apostol raked in another pot.

The very next hand, Apostol tried to adjust his strategy. It folded to him on the button and he jokingly asked Somerville what we was supposed to do. Apostol then raised to 4,000. Harrington moved all in for 24,800.

Somerville folded and action moved back to Apostol, who looked at Somerville before smiling and saying, "See? My gut told me to fold!" He decided to call the all-in with [4h9c]. Harrington showed [AdTc]. The table was prepared for Apostol to hit another flop and collect another bounty. Instead, Harrington survived after the board came out [AcKh2h8d6d] and he doubled up to around 50,000. Apostol is still out front with 150,000.

After the hand was over, Somerville couldn't resist telling Apostol, "By the way, you could've folded that one."