The Thrilla at Peppermilla

Albert Ng knows how thrilling poker can be

Albert Ng knows how thrilling poker can be

Cue up the Michael Jackson, get ready to bounty hunt. The Thursday Thrilla is here! This $1,100 buy-in event has $500 bounties on every player's head and will surely be one of the most exciting events of the week.

Players in this event begin with 20,000 chips. Levels are 30 minutes long and blinds begin at 50/100. There is a break after every four levels.

Registration in the Thrilla is open through Level 10, which is around 5:30 pm.

The Thrilla is the big highlight of the day, but as usual, there are a host of other choices for players today:

  • 12 pm: $1,100 Thursday Thrilla 
  • 2 pm: $125 Main Event Satellite
  • 5 pm: $125 NLH Partners event (no breaks)
  • 7 pm: $125 Super Satellite to Main Event with $50 rebuys 10 seats GTD
  • 8 pm: Cash Game Hangout