The Queens Stay the Queens

We're going to take a line from last night's episode of Survivor, and point out that recent Run It Up Reno trophy winners Deborah Vanneste (known on Twich as QueenBee) and Vanessa Kade are sharing a table. Both are doing great so far too, with Vanneste sitting on 35,000 to Kade's 32,000 or so.

Vanneste was up even higher after hitting a straight flush, but it was none other than Kade who ate into Vanneste's 50,000-chip stack.

"She brought me back down to Earth," Vanneste admitted.

Thankfully for them, their table broke, though Kade may not be any better off. She is now at a table alongside Vincent Newland, Andrew Cha, and Jimmy Cappucci. Between the four of them, there are eight RIU Reno trophies.

 Vanessa Kade (left) and Deborah Vanneste (right)

Vanessa Kade (left) and Deborah Vanneste (right)