Five Little Warriors All in a Row

It just broke, but for a little while, one tournament table didn't just have eight Run It Up trophies spread around the had nine.

Vincent Newland (two-time winner), Vanessa Kade (winner), Andrew Cha (three-time winner), and Jimmy Cappucci (two-time winner) are seated in Seats 1-4, but if that is not enough, Mark Mazza, who won an event in October is in Seat 8.

It looked like the table might lose a couple of trophies, as Newland was all-in for his last 6,700 preflop. Thankfully for him, he held [6c6h] and his opponent had [4c4d]. The bigger pair held up on the [AcQh2dTd2h] board and Newland survived.

Here is a look at the trophy winner leaderboard shortly before the table broke:

Mark Mazza - 47,500
Jimmy Cappucci - 29,500
Vanessa Kade - 18,000
Vincent Newland - 14,000
Andrew Cha - 12,700