Ze Germans, Big Daddies, and Doppelgangers!

 Defending Champion Andrew Cha

Defending Champion Andrew Cha

$125 NLH Partner Event

The room is loud, drinks are flowing and poker is being played! The much-anticipated Partner Event is in full force, with some players multi-tabling the Thrilla and the satellite to the Main Event. 

We caught up with a few teams who have given themselves some interesting names. Have a look:

Team 'We Have All The Trophies': Andrew Cha and Mark Mazza
Cha is the defending champion in this event from October, but he also has two more trophies. He won the $85 NL08 event as well as the Last Chance back in October also. He is the only player to have three trophies, and he did it all in one series! His partner, Mazza, has a trophy himself and it's from the 6-Max event in October also. For the record, this name came from us!

Team Doppelgangers: Max Brown and Ryan Leonis
These two look so much alike that they have most of the people in this room confused! Brown stated that he has been approached on 11 different occasions about hands they've played with Leonis. How are we going to know if they've both played an orbit? Oh well. 

Team Big Daddy: Jesse Capps and Baptiste Chavaillaz
We're not entirely sure we believe their story, but apparently they were in a cash game in Las Vegas one time and a player kept referring to himself as Big Daddy while double-fisting Coronas. They love it, so they decided to give themselves this team name. That's the story they've given us, but it feels like there's more to this...

Team Shrek/Donkey: Mike Clark and Eric Goldstein
Clark said he was looking for a Shrek hat because Goldstein has a donkey hat, but unfortunately he couldn't find one in time. Given that Goldstein is pounding back a bunch of tequilas, we'll give them this team name.

Team Ze Germans: Max Zelensky and Kevin Hess
Max Zelensky is in town from Germany where he studies, meeting his father here from Russia. He made a friend from Germany and they decided to play together, both speaking German and helping each other with Ze English!

Here's a look at some of the other teams still in this event:

Harry Corvese and Pablo Ortiz
Nathan Manuel and Alex Lavinthal
Antonio Abrego and David Lander
Andy Camou and Jimmy Cappucci
Chris Nutter and Heather Hardie
Marty Gorenc and Paul Sampson
Vincent Newland and Jordan Spurlin