Thursday Thrilla Draws 90 Entries, Top 11 Get Paid

See how thrilled Dan O'Brien looks?

See how thrilled Dan O'Brien looks?

The Thursday Thrilla certainly lived up to its namesake with a massive turnout of 90 entries. Of those, just 21 remain in contention for the $12,100 first-place prize. Here is a look at the complete prizepool and payouts:

Run it Up Reno $1,100 NLH Thursday Thrilla w/ $500 bounties
Registration Closed

Total Entries: 90
Players Remaining: 21

Total Prizepool: $45,000 + $45,000 in bounties + $600 Main Event seat
Places Paid: 11

1st place: $12,100
2nd place: $8,225
3rd place: $5,500
4th place: $4,250
5th place: $3,375
6th place: $2,775
7th place: $2,300
8th place: $1,975
9th-11th place: $1,500