$125 NLH Win The Button Prizepool Info

The $125 Win the Button event payouts are up! Yet another event with over 100 entries has come together at Run it Up Reno, with lots of play left this week. Here is a look at the payouts for this event:

Run it Up Reno: $125 NLH Win the Button
Registration Closed

Total Entries: 114
Players Remaining: 24

Total Prizepool: $11,400
Places Paid: 18

1st place: $3,000
2nd place: $1,950
3rd place: $1,245
4th place: $875
5th place: $650
6th place: $525
7th place: $435
8th place: $350
9th-12th place: $280
13th-16th place: $225
17th-18th place: $175