Win a Pot, Win the Button!

$125 NLH Win the Button

It's time to get aggressive and dodge those blinds! In this event, every time you win the pot you win the button. This makes for a fun and interesting dynamic, so if you're planning on knitting a sweater today, you may want to adjust your strategy! 

Players begin with 10,000 chips and will play 20-minute blinds with a break every six levels. Late registration will close around 8:05 p.m. at the end of the Survivor Viewing party.

For those trying to time their Survivor viewing and tournament play, be aware that there is no extended break in this tournament. So, you can either register early and blind out for an hour while you watch or you can wait until the viewing ends to sign up for the tournament.

Structures and a full schedule can be found on

Good luck, Warriors!