Vanessa Kade Crushes the Final Table to Win the Knockout!

Vanessa Kade

Vanessa Kade

$235 NLH Knockout
Entries: 202
Remaining: 1

Vanessa Kade has taken down the $235 NLH Knockout event after steamrolling her way through the final table, topping 202 entries and a prizepool of $20,200 (not including bounties). Along with the first place prize of $5,160 and the coveted Run it Up gold trophy, Kade takes home a massive bag full of bounties after eliminating seven of her eight opponents on the final table, while pocketing her own bounty of course. When we asked Kade how many bounties she had she said, "Thirteen. I stopped counting after six." This made her final payout a total of $6,460.

Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, Kade is currently a professional poker player, playing a mix of cash games and tournaments. She is a former video game producer, working for the likes of Bioware, Lucas Arts and Disney. Kade is better known for her results as a cash game player, with a reputation of running up massive stacks in $1/2 NL and $2/5 NL games. This is now her third career tournament win, with 11 final table appearances and just under $100,000 in earnings since she began playing live tournaments. 

The final hand was an impressive double knockout and ended in dramatic fashion. Gary 'The Captain' Tighe moved all in on the button for his remaining 250,000 and Kade immediately moved all in from the small blind. Albert Ng was in the big blind with about 500,000 and dramatically hopped out of his seat when he realized he had a hand. After sitting, standing up and hopping around, he did some math and said, "F*ck it. Let's go" and piled his stack in the middle.

Kade: [8s8d]
Ng: [acqs]
Tighe: [ks9d]

Kade was ahead with a pair of eights, but not by much. The flop came [as7c4c] and Ng took the lead with a pair of aces. The turn, however, was the [8c]. Kade took the lead with a set of eights but Ng had a redraw to the nut flush. The river was the [5h] and Kade scooped the pot, two more knockouts and the entire tournament. 

Ng was our runner-up, pocketing $3,600 for his deep run and Tighe took third place for $2,500. Ng was also the last player remaining wearing RIU gear, so he won the $600 seat into the Main Event. 

The final table began with nine runners and Kade had her foot on the gas the entire time. With the exception of James Lin finishing in eighth place ($540), Kade busted everyone else. Alex Lavinthal was first to go in 9th place ($400) after he got his stack in with ace-seven but ran into Kade's ace-king. Kade turned broadway and Lavinthal booked his 18th RIU career cash.

The next several eliminations happened quickly, and the next thing we knew there were four players remaining. Kade had more than half of the chips in play, but Ng was hot on her heels. Eddie Cybulski was the next to go, getting his remaining five big blinds in with [as4h] and was called by Kade in the big blind with [jc3c]. The flop came [ackcqc], giving Kade the nut flush with a redraw to a royal flush. The turn was the [ks], giving Cybulski some outs to make a full house but the river was the [jh] and he was eliminated in fourth place, taking home $1,800. 

While there were a ton of entries in this event, some of the notable players playing today included Team RIU's Jason Somerville, Rep Porter, Boston Rob, Vincent Newland, Kevin Gerhart, and defending champion, Jesse Capps.

It's only the second day, and there are definitely more trophies and bragging rights to be earned. Congratulations to everyone on their deep runs!

Here is a look at the final results from this event:

1st place: Vanessa Kade - $5,160
2nd place: Albert Ng - $3,600 + $600 Main Event Seat
3rd place: Gary 'The Captain' Tighe - $2,500
4th place: Eddie Cymbulski - $1,800
5th place: Devon Hulse - $1,200
6th place: Joel Uwazurike - $900
7th place: Gus Pasquella - $700
8th place: James Ming Lin - $540
9th place: Alex Lavinthal - $400
10th place: Michael Flores - $400
11th place: Bradley Johnson - $400
12th place: Ed Yang - $400
13th place: Nestor Gareiaaguilar - $300
14th place: Evgeny Zelensky - $300
15th place: Henry Martinez - $300
16th place: Ryan Bredenberg - $300
17th place: Bill Casey - $250
18th place: Max Brown - $250
19th place: Melly Wang - $250
20th place: Noah Baum - $250

Vanessa Kade and Pete 'Ice3blade' Simm

Vanessa Kade and Pete 'Ice3blade' Simm