The Winner of the Triple Stud Event is the Queen(Bee)!

Deborah 'QueenBee902' Vanneste and Jason Somerville

Deborah 'QueenBee902' Vanneste and Jason Somerville

Deborah 'QueenBee902' Vanneste has taken down the $125 6-Max Triple Stud for $2,625 after a deal for the ages! Vanneste asked, "Do you wanna give me first and you guys chop the rest?" The rest of the table was severely short-stacked and they all immediately agreed. The remaining players pocketed $1,200 each, securing a payout between third and fourth place money.

"I'm the first grill on Twitch. I am the OG!" exclaimed Vanneste. This is just one of the many inspiring quotes from the Queen, as she likes to refer to herself. Vanneste says her family descends from royalty and her first name, Deborah, actually means Queen bee and the beholder of beauty.

From Prince Edward Island in Canada and an Arts student and single mother of four, Vanneste is well known for her success on Twitch, and as a two-time PokerStars MicroMillions winner. She is most certainly a vibrant and positive soul, standing her ground in an industry where women make up about five percent of the field. She says, "The one absolute best thing about poker is that it is not defined by age and gender. I'm gonna pursue what I wanna pursue and beat to my drum - nobody else's." Two ladies, Vanesste and Vanessa Kade, took down the only two tournaments of the day, with Kade scooping the $235 NLH Knockout in similar fashion. Kade dramatically earned herself eight of the nine bounties up for grabs at the final table, including her own, and steamrolled everyone on her way to the win. 

This is Vanneste's first official full series playing live poker, and she has already taken down the second event she has played. She is used to playing hold'em, but enjoys playing 'banana games' and credits much of her success to two fellow Twitch streamers: Jason 'JCarver' Somerville and Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome. She wants to thank Somerville for streaming 'banana games' and getting everyone excited to play them. She also wants to thank Rowsome for supporting and coaching her through home games and her stream. 

Vanneste impressively won her way to Run it Up Reno via a PokerStars satellite for just $27 and has turned that into at least $2,625, with plans to play a few more events. She has already envisioned herself at the final table of the Main Event, and we will certainly be keeping an eye on her as the week progresses!

The final table of seven came together after Vanneste laid the smack down with a double knockout, making a full house on seventh street to scoop the pot in Stud 8. Guy Peto and Matt Christmon were both short and went out fairly quickly. Vanneste then went on to cripple Ivan Zarate, second in chips, in two big pots, leading to a deal that would give her first place money, the title and trophy, and allow the remaining four players to chop up the rest of the money. 

The triple stud event is one of the popular ones, bringing in 101 entries for a total prizepool of $10,100 and paying 15 spots. Banana games are a hit with the RIU Warriors, and the fearless leader himself went deep in this event. Somerville finished in 13th place at the hands of Vanneste, pocketing $175 and another RIU Reno flag to add to his resume. Other notables in the field included defending champion and Team RIU's Vincent Newland, Jason Cook and Dave Spurr, as well as Deb Swift, Heather Hardie, Chip Tutu and Harry Corvese. 

Congratulations to everyone on their deep runs so far! There's plenty of poker to be played this week, so keep following along as we showcase the amazing talent here at RIU Reno.

Here is a look at the final results for this event:

1st place: Deborah Vanneste - $2,625
2nd place: Mike Shaw - $1,200
3rd place: Ivan Zarate - $1,200
4th place: Adam Haman - $1,200
5th place: Mike Clark - $1,200
6th place: Matt Christmon - $450
7th place: Guy Peto - $350
8th place: Mikel Bauer - $350
9th place: Jake Irvin - $280
10th place: Anthony Summers - $280
11th place: Dave Spurr - $220
12th place: Brett Gordon - $220
13th place: Jason Somerville - $175
14th place: Kevn Hess - $175
15th place: Ronald Rware - $175

Pete Simm, Vanessa Kade, Deborah Vanneste, and Jason Somerville

Pete Simm, Vanessa Kade, Deborah Vanneste, and Jason Somerville