Mikel Bauer is the Top Stud as the Bubble Looms

 Jason Somerville

Jason Somerville

$125 6-Max Triple Stud
Entries: 101
Players Remaining: 21

There are 21 players remaining in the 6-Max Triple Stud event, and with 15 spots being paid out players are gunning for the money!

Mikel Bauer currently leads the field with 105,000, but Twitch sensation, Deborah 'QueenBee902' Vanneste is close behind in second with 95,000 chips. Jason Somerville is still in the running with 55,000, so the field is far from soft.

Here is a look at some of the stacks remaining:

Mikel Bauer - 105,000
Deborah 'QueenBee902' Vanneste - 95,000
Jason Somerville - 55,000
Brett Gordon - 55,000
Mike Clark - 45,000
Jake Irvin - 42,000
Dave Spurr - 40,000