Last Woman Standing Has Fallen

 Deb Swift

Deb Swift

$235 6-Max 8-Game Championship
Entries: 115
Players Remaining: 9

Deb Swift was one of just a few women who entered the 8-Game Championship today. After Deborah Vanneste and Vanessa Kade took down both tournaments yesterday, the Run it Up Reno 'grills' have been demanding more gold!

Swift had been nursing her short stack for a while, and managed to climb her way up the payout ladder until Ivan Zarate moved all in from the small blind. She called from the big blind for about 35,000 chips and was miles ahead with [8s8d]. Zarate tabled [qc2s] saying he had only looked at the queen before moving in. The board ran out [7s4d3dqhad] and Swift was eliminated in 10th place, pocketing $645 for her deep run today.

As soon as two more players have been eliminated, we will bring you all of the updates you're looking for when the final table comes together. Stick with us!