Kade is Collecting the Knockouts!

 Vanessa Kade

Vanessa Kade

$235 NLH Knockout
Entries: 202
Remaining: 4

Knockouts have been fast and furious at this final table, mostly due to the fact that Vanessa Kade has eliminated four of the five players who have hit the rail so far. She holds a commanding lead and a fistful of bounties. Albert Ng is chasing Kade, sitting second in chips. He looks to snag another trophy, while Kade is hoping to capture her first. 

Here's a look at the remaining four players:

Vanessa Kade - 1,600,000
Albert Ng - 550,000
Eddie Cybulski - 450,000
Gary 'The Captain' Tighe - 300,000

Stick with us as we find ourselves another Run it Up champion!