Get Well Soon Chewy!

Chewy_Run It Up Reno 2017__AA07294.jpg

If you've seen Run It Up's most  loyal pup around the series, you may have noticed poor Chewy was not quite himself. Somewhere along the way on Day 1, Chewy developed a limp. It started out small, but by the end of Monday, he was having a hard time.

So yesterday, when it came time for Chewy to rail Albert Ng in the Knockout event, something had to be done to ensure he did not miss out on an important Team Chewy moment. So, Melly Wang did what any good pet owner would do. She rented Chewy a wheelchair. 

We certainly hope this is only temporary transportation for the chow, but in the meantime everyone at Team Run It Up wants Chewy to know we all want him to get well soon!