Blake Vincent Leads the 8-Game Championship Final Table!

$235 6-Max 8-Game Championship
Entries: 115
Players Remaining: 7

The final table of seven has come together in the much-anticipated 8-Game Championship! Blake Vincent leads the way, looking to add a second title to his resume after winning the Run it Up Reno Main Event back in May of 2016. Ivan Zarate is close behind, making another final table after chopping the Triple Stud event last night. Jesse Capps is another headline at this table, looking to secure his second RIU trophy after winning the Knockout last October. 

Here is a look at the seating assignments and stacks:

Seat 1: Adam Haman - 145,000
Seat 2: Chris Banaszak - 178,000
Seat 3: Ivan Zarate - 375,000
Seat 4: Jesse Capps - 340,000
Seat 5: Chris Lindner - 130,000
Seat 6: Andy Pokrivnak - 90,000
Seat 7: Blake Vincent - 395,000