Wasn't the All-in Or Fold Yesterday?

Some familiar faces at Table 27

Some familiar faces at Table 27

$235 NLH Knockout

It was a case of deja vu at Table 27. First of all, the table had three players from last night's All-in or Fold event, Eric Goldstein, Chip Tutu, and Alex Lavinthal. The lineup wasn't the only thing the table had in common with last night's event.

The action has been kind of crazy at the table ever since Nichloas Kiley got knocked down to 600 chips and the table battled for his bounty. Nicholas Kiley is getting the last laugh though after this recent hand:

Kiley moved all in from under the gun for 3,075, Tutu moved all in behind him for around 4,000, and Jacob Quammen reshoved from the small blind, having both players covered. Goldstein was in the big blind and let out a big sigh.

"I thought this was yesterday," he groaned. He eventually folded and the other three players tabled their hands:

Kiley: [6c8s]
Tutu: [Ad9c]
Quammen: [AhTc]

The flop was a doozy, falling [9s8d7c] to give Kiley a pair of eights and a straight draw, Tutu a pair of nines, and Quammen a bigger straight draw with overcards.

The [kc] on the turn kept Tutu out front, but the river brought the [Td].

Quammen raised his hands in triumph, believing he had just scored a double KO, but Kiley silently pointed to his six, indicating his rivered straight. Kiley tripled up, but Quammen did take the side pot and Tutu's bounty.