Team Chewy vs. Team Chewy

$235 NLH Knockout

Normally Team Chewy functions as a happy unit, but all bets are off at the poker table. So, when Albert Ng and Melly Wang ended up at the same table, it was on.

The two were heads-up on a flop of [7h6s4c] and Ng checked to Wang, who immediately bet 20,000. Just as quickly, she started smack talking. Not even ten seconds pass before she starts.

"Come on, there is a tournament going on. Can I get clock? What's wrong with you? Aren't you supposed to be good? Didn't you win a ring.

Then Wang hit Ng where it really hurts.

"If Chewy saw this he'd be so embarrassed."

Not long after that, Ng folded and Wang claimed the pot. After Ng folded,Wang showed one card--the [

But, Ng can at least know that, for the moment, he has Wang out-chipped 180,000 to 100,000. As for if the battle will continue? It will have to wait if it does, as Wang was moved not long after this hand to balance tables.

Albert Ng, Melly Wang, and Chewy, AKA Team Chewy

Albert Ng, Melly Wang, and Chewy, AKA Team Chewy