So. Many. Studs.

Team Run it Up's Jason Cook

Team Run it Up's Jason Cook

$125 6-Max Triple Stud

The triple stud event is already up to a great start! Many new faces have arrived in town now that things have kicked off here at Run it Up Reno. Last event's entries hit 107, and there are already 77 entries today with another two hours left to register.

There are some champions in the field, including Event 1 $235 NLH Kickoff champion, Eric Nelson, and Event 2 $125 6-Max PLO champion, Jeff Chapman. 

Andrew Cha is also in the field, the only three-time Run it Up champion. He looks to add a fourth trophy to his collection and pull away from the rest of the multiple event winners. 

The rest of the field is not soft by any means. Other notables include Team RIU's Jason Cook and Dave Spurr, PokerStars' Head of Communications, Lee Jones, Jordan Spurlin, Harry Corvese, Baptiste Chavaillaz, David Lander, Eric Goldstein, Eric Nutter, Kevin Gerhart, Heather Hardie, Deb Swift, Jesse Capps, Jake Irvin, and Chip Tutu. 

There is plenty of time left to register, until 7:50 p.m. to be exact, so head up to the Capri Ballroom to join the action!