NLH Knockout Up to 137 Runners

$235 NHL Knockout

Just like yesterday, all we needed was an hour to hit the $20,000 guarantee on this event. The field is currently at 137 players with registration opened through Level 9. So, you have until around 3:15 pm to get in on the afternoon action.

Players in this event begin with 15,000 chips and blinds at 50/100 ante 25. Levels are 20 minutes long throughout. Each player's buy-in is split, with $100 going into the prizepool and the other $100 going to whoever knocks the player out of the tournament.

Last fall, this tournament drew 167 runners, so the field needs a little more time to possibly make it four for four on this series' tournaments outgrowing October's, but don't be surprised to see another record breaking announcement a little later in the day.

One player in the field today is defending champ Jesse Capps, who picked up the top prize of $3,773 plus bounties and a Main Event seat last fall.

There is a Main Event seat up for grabs in this event for the player standing wearing Run It Up gear. If you are playing and aren't geared up, you have until the field gets into the money to get into RIU attire and qualify for the contest.

Defending champ Jesse Capps

Defending champ Jesse Capps