Max Brown Goes for Extra Value From Rep Porter

Rep Porter

Rep Porter

Rep Porter shoved all in on the button for his last 11 big blinds or so and Max Brown thought about in the small blind for a bit before calling. Porter had [Ad8h], but Brown had him bested with [AhTs].

The [KsTd4c2sTh] meant the pot and Porter's bounty belonged to Brown, but Brown wasn't content with just that.

"No t-shirts or anything, Rep?"

Porter smiled and said not this time. The bracelet winner is in for a couple of days of Run It Up Reno action to take part in the Stud event which is about to get underway. plus, while it is not a free t-shirt, he will be dropping some free knowledge at the dinner break Stud Seminar in the Sorrento room. He will be hosting along with our own Jason Somerville. If you're worried about food, there will be a deli spread available for those attending.

If you're playing either the Knockout event or the 5pm Triple Stud, you will have time to take part. The Knockout field will take a 65-minute dinner break at approximately 6:55 pm. The Triple Stud will have a 50-minute break at 7pm.